What Is A Bed Scarf

What Is A Bed Scarf

Dressing up your bed with bed scarves!

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If you've traveled anywhere recently and stayed in a nice hotel, you may have noticed the piece of fabric artfully draped at the end of the bed and wondered what it was, and why it was there? That slim piece of fabric in fact, is a bed scarf, and it not only looks stylish, but performs several functions for the well-dressed bed!

Style and a Splash of Color

Hoteliers and Bed & Breakfast owners are embracing bed scarves as a modern way to decorate a bed, while finding practical uses for them. In the past, hotels used printed bedding, everything from delicate florals, to bold stylistic looks. With more concerns than ever about bed bugs, and cleanliness, many hotels are now using crisp, white bedding as a way to assure guests their bed is clean.

In addition, hoteliers have re-discovered the value guests place on quality bedding, and many are using soft, lofty comforters plus duvet covers instead of a printed bedspread. All that lovely, soft white bedding may be like sleeping on a cloud, however, it can be a lot of white! Whether in a hotel or your home, a bed scarf can add that much-needed pop of color and luxury to an all-white bed.


When guests first enter a room, what's the first thing they do? Hoist their bags up onto the bed to unpack! People also often sit on the end of the bed to remove their shoes, or worse yet, hop into bed for a quick nap with their shoes still on! And many people have dogs or cats that sleep at the end of the bed. A bed scarf can protect the end of your duvet cover, comforter or bedspread from stains or tears.


With so many home improvement magazines, TV shows and blogs out there, people are often inspired to re-design their bedrooms. Bed scarves can provide a less expensive way to match a new paint color, or spruce up your room for the holidays! And you can match a bed scarf to your shams, decorative pillows and coverlets for an overall designer look.

So enjoy the look of a luxurious, five-star hotel in your very own bedroom, with a decorative, yet practical bed scarf!

'Finally I found a bed scarf - like a luxury hotel. Finished nicely. Great for my cat at the foot of my bed! I bought two.' - Customer, Houston 5-Stars

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