What kind of down does Cuddledown use?


Cuddledown uses six types of fill in our comforters: Eiderdown, considered one of the rare luxuries of the world, is found only in the abandoned nests of the Eider duck in Iceland and Scandinavia. Only four tons of this precious down is harvested each year. Its clusters are the largest and most resilient in the world and therefore, the clusters are the warmest and the lightest weight. Because it is so rare, Eiderdown can cost more than 10 times the price of the best European goose down.

1,000 Fill Power European White Goose Down is absolutely the finest down we've ever seen. It's so rare that we only have a limited amount – we have the North American bedding exclusive so you will only find this level of comfort at Cuddledown.

900 Fill Power European White Goose Down is simply luxurious goose down. This fill is rare, so we only have a limited amount; we suggest you call us to check availability.

800 Fill Power European White Goose Down is the best white goose down in the industry. It has extremely large down clusters, which provide the best insulation and loft in a comforter with the least amount of weight.

700 Fill Power European White Goose Down is an exceptional European down, softer and lighter than the best down sold by most retailers in this country. It has very large down clusters and provides excellent insulation with just a bit more weight than our 800 European down.

600 Fill Power White Goose Down is a lofty down and of better quality that most other 600 Fill Power down in the market.

600 Fill Power European Duck Down is an excellent value for its quality. Originating in the French Pyrenees, this large-cluster down, with a fill power exceeding 600, has a better fill power than the 550 fill power white goose down used by most retailers.

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