What is the heaviest weight comforter I can get?


Our Primary 600 Fill Power Down Comforter , or our Damask 600 Fill Power Down Comforter are the heaviest combination of fabric and down that we offer, and our Warmth Level 4 has the largest amount of down in it, making these two comforters in Warmth Level 4 our heaviest-weight comforters. When some customers ask for the heaviest-weight comforter they may be thinking the warmest. Warmth Level 4 is our warmest, and all of our Warmth Level 4 comforters are designed to be equally warm. How much a comforter weighs is not the same as how warm it is. A Warmth Level 4 comforter is an extremely warm comforter that's really only suitable for sleepers who always feel cold and have a cold bedroom. If someone desires a heavy feeling comforter they should pick the 600 Fill Power Primary Down Comforter or the 600 Fill Power Damask Down Comforter in a warmth level that will be right for them, or they can also consider our Damask Synthetic Comforter , because all synthetic fills are heavier than down.

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