What are the differences between your mite-proof collections?


The objective of any dust mite barrier is to keep the dust mites out while air is allowed to circulate through the material. Dust mites do not directly cause allergic reactions, but instead it is their droppings that are an irritant. The goal is to prevent the dust mites from living inside bedding, while at the same time keeping your bed comfortably soft and dry.

We currently offer a number of different dust-mite proof bedding protectors to meet the needs of those who are sensitive to dust mites and their fecal matter, including pillow protectors, mattress protectors(in both 9" and 18" pocket depths), comforter protectors, and featherbed protectors.

Our cotton-blend mite-proof items provide quiet, undetectable protection against mites and other irritants. The pore size of the soft, sturdy fabric is 3.03 microns, far below the industry standard of 10 microns. With 40% cotton, these items allow air to circulate, but block out unwanted allergen molecules.

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