What are the benefits of a down comforter?


Softer, lighter, and warmer than any other material, down is ideal for insulating and maintaining an even body temperature in all climates. Down's contiguous clusters interlock their filaments, making the best insulation. Because down is both compressible and resilient, down easily conforms to your body, moving with it, and providing you with a more restful night's sleep. Being a natural product, down has the ability to breathe and transport moisture away from the body so the sleeper doesn't experience the clamminess that often occurs with synthetics. The lightness of a down comforter covered with a comforter cover is more comfortable for people with chronic pain - the covered comforter replaces a top sheet and blanket so sleepers have less pressure on their feet and legs. We recommend down for all people who wish to create the proper sleeping environment with all natural bedding that helps to maintain the perfect body temperature.

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