What's the difference between a "duvet" and a "duvet cover" vs. "comforter" and "comforter cover?"


Comforters can be filled with various materials, including down, cotton, wool, silk, synthetic, etc. A duvet is a type of comforter, specifically one that is down-filled. ("Duvet" is the French word for "down" and for a "down quilt".) Since we sell more than one type of filled comforter, we refer to them in general terms as comforters, and we call all of our covers comforter covers.

With our comforters, the term comforter covers and duvet covers can be used interchangeably.

Because of its French origin, the term "duvet" is often used incorrectly by Americans, who really mean to say "duvet cover," and that has caused confusion in the industry.

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