The Cuddledown Difference

We offer the finest natural fiber materials, exclusive designs
from world-renowned mills with the craftsmanship that only
comes from generations of textile expertise, matched by
exceptional customer service.

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The Cuddledown Difference

What Makes Cuddledown Different from Other Home Furnishing Companies?

Simply put, it’s our work ethic and craftsmanship. We have been manufacturing all of our down comforters, pillows, and featherbeds in Maine since 1973. Over the years, we have been able to perfect our craft while harboring the same quality and values that you would expect from a traditional, hard working Maine business.

From manufacture to product development, customer service, and shipping – we are all passionate about our Cuddledown bedding. Our closeness allows for increased flexibility and communication so we may better serve our customers.

We offer the finest natural fiber materials, exclusive designs from world-renowned mills with the craftsmanship that only comes from generations of textile expertise, matched by exceptional customer service.

That’s The Cuddledown Difference.

More reasons Cuddledown surpasses the competition

  • Handmade in the USA down and synthetic products with the largest selection of colors, styles, and sizes, while constantly innovating to bring you the most comfortable home fashions imaginable.
  • All year, our product development team visits every textile tradeshow possible, both locally and abroad. They examine over a dozen trade publications, attend color seminars for home and ready-to-wear, and diligently track our customers’ buying habits, to bring you the latest fashions and the finest quality fabrics.
  • Since 1973 we have formed relationships with the most prestigious mills from all over the world so you’ll have the highest quality bedding and sleepwear with world-renowned quality and tradition.
  • We visit all the mills of our major suppliers annually and check for cleanliness, equipment capabilities, on site labs, quality control procedures, design staff capabilities, overall production process from beginning to package.
  • The printing mills we use are among the finest in the world with some of the highest number of screens. More screens mean higher quality, more intricate design. We make sure the prints have crisp, clear designs, without blurring.
  • The mills check the fabric before and after the dyeing process to ensure all possible flaws have been marked and those sections won’st be used in the cut and sew process.
  • Cuddledown offers many products made with certified eco-friendly and organic fabrics with the same comfort, quality, and value as our traditional products.
  • Before deciding to add a style of bedding to our collection, our production department puts the product through a rigorous testing process. We wouldn’st sell you anything that would keep us up at night – figuratively and literally.

Our Guarantee

All of Cuddledown’s products are guaranteed to fit, guaranteed to last, and guaranteed to completely satisfy. If you’re not pleased for whatever reason, we’ll exchange your product or give you a refund, whichever you prefer!

Made in Maine

U.S. manufacturing jobs have dwindled to near extinction, but CEO Chris Bradley has never considered transferring operations offshore: Cuddledown began in Maine, and his skilled Maine-trained stitchers know best how to produce Cuddledown products. Plus, keeping operations in Maine allows us to scrutinize the materials that go into each down pillow, comforter and featherbed. Our down and feathers are rigorously tested at the country of origin and it’s all tested by a third party for us to guarantee the quality meets our expectations and the fill powers specified.

A Variety of Choices for You

We make comforters in such a variety of warmth levels and fabric shells that we developed a customer guide to choosing the perfect comforter. Listening to our customers’ needs, we constantly innovate as well, with products like our two-piece Dual Warmth Comforter, so a warm sleeper and a cold sleeper can stop playing tug-of-war with the covers and get a good night’s rest.

Likewise, people who are particular about their sleep pillow can learn how to select the perfect Cuddledown pillow. From extra-soft to overfilled, from lofty goose down to a heftier feather/down blend, to a pillow that lets you actually add or remove down yourself, you can get the density that’s most comfortable for you.

And did we mention featherbeds? Well, you can enjoy the same variety of featherbed choices and learn more about those here, too.

What makes Cuddledown comforters, pillows and featherbeds the best available?

  • Soft Downproof Tickings, available in several different qualities, choose 100% cotton or Heirloom Silk.
  • Batiste is extremely light in weight with excellent durability.
  • Sateen brings the same drape and feel as our sateen sheets.
  • Damask is an excellent quality at a great price.
  • Cambric is durable, yet soft at a competitive value.
  • Twill, our most durable fabric, is used in comfort bedding like featherbeds.
  • Organic Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard to be grown and manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • 100% Heirloom Silk – our only non-cotton downproof fabric; premium quality, pure silk, handcrafted to be passed on from one generation to the next.
  • Hypoallergenic, Lofty Down Fill: Fill Power measures the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill. The higher the down quality, the higher the fill power. And higher fill powers like 800, for example, require fewer ounces to create the same insulating warmth. Click here for more information about the down we use.
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