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Cuddledown's Temperature Regulating bedding - you'll sleep "Just Right"!

Like Goldilocks' porridge - the sweet spot somewhere between "too hot" and "too cold" is often difficult to find. In the bedroom, the temperature wars can often reach fever pitch with couples fighting over the room temperature and the bedding. Luckily, Cuddledown has solutions for making your sleep environment "just right."

Recent technological advances in fabric have resulted in bedding that can match your body's temperature. The concept may seem extraordinary, but the science behind it is quite simple. As you sleep, your body undergoes periods of differing temperatures, resulting in a build-up of heat and humidity.

Cuddledown's temperature regulating bedding is designed to transport this excess warmth away from your body - up to three times better than conventional bedding material - preventing perspiration and bringing your sleep temperature back to the perfect comfort zone. Our bedding is perfect for women experiencing menopausal hot flashes, or couples with differing thermal comfort levels, or really, for anyone looking for a more comfortable night's sleep.

Temperature Regulating Technology

Our own Cuddledown Temperature Regulating Comforters have become customer favorites, with many outstanding 5-star reviews. Created right in here in Maine by our own bedding experts, our comforters (in your choice of cozy down or fluffy synthetic fill) are specially designed with mesh panels that create unique climate zones to transport excess warmth away from the body. And during the colder seasons the comforters' two-layered climate zones work as a pocket, warming the cooler air to the same temperature as your body, allowing for undisturbed sleep.

"I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a high loft COOL comforter!... I love this comforter. It is everything I have been searching for... this comforter really regulates the temperature magically with the diamond shaped air vents!" - Loves Quality, Atlanta, GA

Outlast temperature regulating technology chartTemperature regulating bedding isn't just limited to our comforters. We also offer pillows and pillow protectors, sheets, and mattress pads, all featuring Outlast® hi-tech fabric which adapts to continuously changing skin temperatures and wicks away excess heat from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Shop Outlast® Temperature Regulating Bedding.

With Cuddledown's temperature regulating solutions for apparel and bedding, you and your family can all avoid the thermometer battle and remain comfortable and feeling "just right!" Shop All Temperature Regulating Solutions!

A comforter that adjusts
to your temperature

View our video to see how temperature regulating comforters work.

  • Hi-tech mesh fabric creates unique climate zones to regulate air temperature around the body
  • Available in three warmth levels

Certified Safe Fabric - Made in the USA by Cuddledown

Moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and oh so comfortable - sleepwear and apparel...

...designed to help you stay cool and comfortable, day or night.

Temperature Regulating Sleepware and Apparel

All Natural Fibers:

Many of our 100% cotton, wool or silk fabrics are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking.

Shop Natural Fiber Apparel

Temperature Regulation for the whole family - pets too!

Most pets prefer a cool surface to lie on. However, in a typical home the options are limited to hard floors or pet beds that may cause your pet to overheat. Over time, sleeping on an inferior surface can lead to hip and joint problems and premature aging. Pet bed covers with Outlast® technology are designed to keep pets cool while also being soft and durable.

Shop Outlast Pet Beds

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