Soothing, Sensuous Silk

Soothing, Sensuous Silk

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Luxurious yet practical fabric

Silk is one of the most versatile fabrics currently in production. Silk fibers appear delicate but in fact, are considered the strongest of all natural fibers. Due to its capacity for absorbing moisture, silk is temperature regulating — cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk is used in everything from fine apparel and home furnishings to medical sutures and prosthetic arteries. It can be dyed a rainbow of deep, vibrant colors, and floats over the body with a shine and shimmer all its own.

Silk has long been associated with the highest luxury — and it is no wonder. For sheer elegance, drape, comfort and style, there is absolutely nothing to compare with the allure of silk.

But, it’s not just a fabric for a shimmering gown worn on the red carpet, silk pillowcases and silk pillows are the best loved beauty secrets of movie stars and models. Silk is a 100% natural fabric, is hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Composed of sixteen different amino acids, some say silk is beneficial for the skin, helping to prevent wrinkling, and also can keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Whether that’ls a scientific fact or not, it feels heavenly against your skin as you sleep.

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History of Silk

Fabric fit for a Goddess

The Goddess of Silk, Lady Hsi–Ling–Shih, the wife of the mythical Yellow Emperor, was believed to have developed the process of unraveling the thread from the cocoon of the silk worm, and to have begun the first silk–cultivation farms in China. Artifacts associated with“sericulture” (the raising of silkworms to obtain raw silk) have been found along the Yellow River in northern China, dated to between 2600 and 2300 BC, or even earlier.

For thousands of years, the process was a closely guarded secret that was finally brought out of China in 500 AD, as legend tells it, by two monks making their way to Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s court with silkworm eggs hidden in bamboo staves. The eggs were hatched, and the secret was out.

Silk quickly became a much sought after commodity as its luxury spread westward. The famed Silk Roads, trading routes that grew between the great silk producing centers in China, through Persia and India to the Mediterranean, were largely responsible for the growth of international trade and the spread of culture and knowledge.

About 35 countries now produce raw silk. China still produces half of the world’s supply, while Japan is the second largest producer. Cuddledown researches and ensures that all of the silk mills we import from are socially responsible and enforce fair working conduct.


Silk Pillowcases 4.5-star Rated

I have used a silk pillowcase for over 20 years and find it really does help tremendously to prevent facial wrinkles as well as keep my hair style in place longer. I never leave home without it either. I have given it as gifts also and every time my friends fall in
love as I have.

Customer, Virginia

The very best pillowcases ever! I’ve had expensive silk pillowcases before that cannot compare in quality, easy care, and luxury to Cuddledown’s. I love the silkiness, it feels and looks so luxurious, and the remarkable no fuss way it launders every time! It comes out of the dryer perfectly, no wrinkles to iron, looking beautiful, and ready to place on your pillow, now this is as good as it gets!! Thank you Cuddledown for such exquisite linens!
Customer, Boston, MA

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Protect in Silk

Cotton Silk Pillow Protector

Extend the life of your pillows and add an extra safeguarding layer of protection.

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