Crisp, Breathable Percale

Percale Fabric

Crisp, breathable percale
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If you love the feel of smooth, yet crisp sheets, then percale bedding is your perfect choice. With its name derived from the Persian word “pargala” (or “rag”), percale is a soft, “plain weave” cotton fabric known for its cool breathability for year-round comfort.

Durable comfort

“Plain weave” construction is used in approximately 80% of bedding, and is used to craft percale. It’s the simplest style weave, where one yarn alternately crosses over and under another to produce a strong and even fabric. Percale sheets can last for years with minimal to no pilling, and they get softer after each wash. Their simple weave allows more air to pass through for a lighter weight, and that famously crisp, cool feel.

Thread Count Matters

Percale is woven with a minimum of 180 threads running in one direction per square inch (or 180 thread count). At Cuddledown, we offer our percale bedding with even higher thread counts (most are above 300) for a smoother feel and durability. Plus, the cotton we use is a higher quality, long-staple cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima, valued for its suppleness, smoothness, and glossiness, not to mention strength.

Our superb quality, 500 thread count, 100% cotton Italian percale is one of our best-selling, customer favorites, and it comes in a wide array of colors. Our fine percale is also available in exclusive prints, ranging from classic toiles, to rich paisleys, to charming florals – designs to match any bedroom’s style.

Go Green

“Practically Green,” an organization that promotes sustainable, healthy green living, has recommended our organic linens. Our fine, 300 thread count organic percale sheets take all that is great about percale, and add organic 100% combed cotton that’s been certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Whether organic or not, at Cuddledown, our bedding is Oeko-Tex® certified to be free of all harmful chemicals and safe for your and your family.

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500 Thread Count Italian Cotton Percale Sheets 5-star Rated

500 Thread Count Italian
Cotton Percale Sheets

This is the bedding I’ve been searching for ever since I stayed at a wealthy friend’s apartment in Paris. It’s a substantial weight and has the dry crispness of the finest percale. It becomes even better after going through the laundry a few times. Heaven.
Customer, NY

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Daisies Cotton Percale Sheets 5-star Rated

Daisies Percale Sheets
I absolutely love this print and fabric! It is so crisp and clean … The room looks brighter and more cheery!
Customer, VA

Shop Daisies Cotton Percale Sheets

300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Percale Sheets 5-star Rated

300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Percale Sheets
The material is wonderful! Very crispy and cool. Feels like the sheets I slept on when I lived in Italy! Will be ordering more!
Customer, FL

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