Organizing And Storing Cuddledown Bedding

As life gets chaotic and guests come and go, it may seem like
spring cleaning needs to come more than just once a year…

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Organizing And Storing Cuddledown Bedding

Here are a few tips for staying organized and keeping chaos out of your linen closet all year long.

When folding your linens, keep the following in mind:

  • Save space. Are your shelves narrow and deep? Wide and shallow? Fold accordingly to create stacks that fit best.
  • Consistency is key. There are many ways to fold linens, but the important thing is to fold the same way every time. This will eliminate disorder and rummaging.
  • Preserve your linens. Each item must stay free of dust, sunlight and deep creases to protect your linen investment.
  • Allow each item to be identified without unfolding. Fold so that everything's easy to identify. That way, no one has to pull things on and off the shelves, which typically leaves a mess behind!

Having a plan while choosing your bedding and guest bedding can save on space and makes life easier:

  • Try skipping the flat sheet and just use a fitted sheet, comforter, and comforter cover to cover your bed. Switching out the weight of your comforter cover may be the only change you need to make to adapt to the difference in temperatures between seasons.
  • Always be sure to add a Cuddledown comforter storage bag to your cart when purchasing an off-season comforter. This makes storing and protecting your comforter easy when it's not in use.
  • Choose year-round bedding in neutral colors and accessorize with seasonal pillow covers, shams, throws or comforter covers.
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