How We Sleep Better

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Infographic: How We Sleep ... Better! Solution: Cuddledown's Sateen Contour Cradle GussetedPillow - perfect for back & side sleepers with shoulder pain! Stomach Position Solution: Cuddledown's 700 Fill Power Down Pillow in soft - place under your lower abdomen to help keep your spine aligned. Side Position Solution: Cuddledown's Cuddler Pillow - place the pillow betweenyour legs to help keep your spine positioned properly. Back Position Solution: Cuddledown's Bolster or Neckroll Pillows - place under your knees or the small of your back to relieve back pain. Solution: Cuddledown's Neck Support Cradling Down Pillow- its innovative design cradles your neck's natural curves. Solution: Cuddledown's Solutions FoamMattress Topper - its elevated designhelps relieve snoring, sleep apnea,and that pesky acid reflux.
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