How to Choose a Synthetic Pillow

If you are down–sensitive, try any of our synthetic pillows, made
with our premium synthetic fill that lofts just like natural down.
We make our synthetic filled pillows with the same care as our
down filled pillows, and all carry our complete satisfaction guarantee.

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Step 1. Choose the Right Level of Firmness

image of stomach sleeper


For stomach sleepers — extra soft to allow the head to sink to just the right level.

image of side sleeper


For back and side sleepers who want a softer pillow to cushion the head.

image of back sleeper

Medium & Overfilled

For back and side sleepers who want more support for the head and neck.

Step 2. Choose Your Synthetic Fill Pillow

Our synthetic pillows are made with our premium synthetic fill that lofts just like natural down. We make our down alternative pillows with the same care as our down filled pillows, and all carry our complete satisfaction guarantee.

Choose which down alternative pillow you prefer from the selection of choices below.

Softest Loft Down⁄Synthetic Blend Pillow

The best of both worlds! The softness of down combined with the support and durability of synthetic fill. Made with hypoallergenic 50% White Duck Down/50% synthetic fill.

Synthetic Luxury Support Pillow

Four chambers for custom comfort. Baffles in the main chamber keep fill from shifting. Two side chambers allow full loft to cushion sides of head. Lower chamber has zipper pocket for latex foam roll, crafted to support your neck and position your head to rest in the center.

Sateen Synthetic Fill Contour Cradle Gusseted Pillow

This contoured synthetic fill pillow comfortably cradles your head – no matter what position you sleep in. Made with German hypoallergenic synthetic fill, a great down alternative.

Synthetic Chamber Pillow

A luxury pillow made with a firm inner chamber surrounded by a softer, loftier outer layer. Both layers are made of our superior synthetic fill.

300 Thread Count Sateen Synthetic Fill Gusseted Pillow

Support your neck and alleviate muscle strain with our gusseted pillow. Made with German hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tex Certified synthetic fill, a great down alternative.

Quilted Synthetic Fill Pillow

Our Quilted Pillow is composed of two pieces – a firmer core pillow and removable quilted outer layer for a soft surface with firm interior support. Both pieces are covered in double-stitched, downproof, 100% cotton.

Neck Support Cradling Synthetic Fill Pillow

Our innovative pillow has a recessed center surrounded by fill on all sides to gently support the natural curve of your neck.

Reading & Throw Pillows

Perfect for your bed or couch, our specialty throw pillow inserts are the ideal solution for home décor and added comfort.

Synthetic Fill Cuddler Body Pillow

Perfect for pregnancy, our body pillow is a a full five feet long to support your body exactly where you need it – there's no need to fuss with positioning traditional sleep pillows to get comfortable.

Step 3. Choose from our Selection of Oeko-tex® Certified Downproof Fabrics

Certified Safe Fabric All of our pillow fabrics are certified by Oeko-Tex to be free of harmful chemicals to you and your family. Learn more about the Oeko-Tex certification.

Plus, as with any Cuddledown down product, a fabric that keeps the down and/or feathers in the pillow is essential. Imagine the nightmare of resting your head on a pillow that's leaking down and feathers...not our idea of a good night's sleep.

That's why all Cuddledown pillows are made with 100% guaranteed downproof fabric, and there are several different fabric qualities to choose from (shown on the list to the right).

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Video: How we make our down pillows

Need Help Choosing?

Our "Perfect Pillow Picker" tool is designed to help you find the perfect pillow for your sleeping style, and fill and fabric prefences.
From durable and budget-friendly cotton cambric to luxuriously soft heirloom silk, and from allergy-friendly synthetic, to 600 fill power duck down to rare and valuable eiderdown, we have pillows to meet every need and budget. Our "Perfect Pillow Picker" can also help you find the best pillow for your sleeping style.

Know When to Replace Your Pillow

When you think your pillow is no longer providing you with the support that you need for optimum comfort, watch:

When to Replace Your Pillow.

Down Pillows

When handcrafting your down pillows, our down is carefully washed four times and de-dusted to be hypoallergenic – less apt to cause an allergic reaction. This special process costs more, but we want our pillows and comforters to be the very best.

Shop down pillows

If you are unsure whether you would prefer a down pillow or a down alternative pillow, read How to Choose a Down Pillow for more information on our down pillows.

Protect Your Investment

Whatever pillow you choose, we recommend a sleep pillow protector to keep dirt, natural oils, and moisture away from your pillow.

Pillow Fabric Choices:

  • Batiste – excellent durability and extremely light in weight
  • Sateen – the same silky-soft drape and feel as our cotton sateen sheets
  • Damask – an excellent quality cotton fabric at a great price
  • Cambric – a basic, durable cotton weave at an excellent value
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