How to Choose a Down Featherbed

When handcrafting your down featherbeds our down
is carefully washed four times and de-dusted to be
hypoallergenic — less apt to cause an allergic reaction.
This special process costs more, but we want our featherbeds
to be the very best.

Follow these two easy steps to find the Cuddledown Featherbed that's just right for you.

Step One:

Choose the down featherbed fabrication you prefer.  All of our featherbeds are sewn with certified eco-friendly 100% cotton downproof fabric and crafted with baffle box construction to keep the fill from shifting. However, Cuddledown offers a choice of two fabrications:

  • Universal Support — One layer of universal fill throughout the entire down featherbed
  • Layered Support — One top layer of loftier, softer fill over a firmer, more supportive bottom layer

Step Two:

Choose the Featherbed Fill you prefer. Each fill is hypoallergenic with unique attributes:

Universal Support

  • Original Featherbed filled with traditional 95% Goose Feather/ 5% Goose Down Blend — an extra layer of support and comfort for your bed
  • Deluxe Featherbed filled with 88% Small Goose Feather/ 12% Goose Down Blend — The higher proportion of down makes your bed a softer nest

Layered Support

  • Deluxe Synthetic Fill Baffle Box Featherbed - We've updated our synthetic fill baffle box featherbed with an even lighter, loftier fill that's still just as cozy and supportive
  • Super Synthetic Featherbed filled with two layers of synthetic fill – a soft top layer and a firm, supportive bottom layer
  • Luxury Synthetic Bafflebox Featherbed Get an extra layer of full body support with the same plush fill we use in our synthetic comforters and pillows in our Luxury Synthetic Featherbed
  • Best of Both Down and Synthetic Fill Super Featherbed - Enjoy the softness of down combined with the support of synthetic fill

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A few additional tips in selecting
a featherbed

  • Make sure to check your mattress’ measurements
    to choose the right size. Cuddledown offers featherbeds in california king and twin extra-long sizes to accommodate your bedding needs
  • Featherbeds cannot be machine-washed so Cuddledown suggest purchasing one of our featherbed covers or protectors to help maintain
    the condition of your featherbed and provide protection against dust mites and other irritants
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