How Much Is a Good Night's Sleep Worth To You?

Good sleep, very simply, is fundamental to your good health.

How Much Is a Good Night's Sleep Worth To You?

Invest in luxury bedding and invest in your health

You think better. You feel better. You look better. You are healthier. Only if you get enough sleep! Good sleep, very simply, is fundamental to your good health – as essential as the right diet, adequate exercise, and all your other healthy lifestyle choices. From obesity and depression, to greater risk of car accidents, insomnia has been linked to dozens of health risks.

Fundamental to best sleep is the best sleeping environment. Which is why choosing premium Cuddledown-quality sheets, comforters, pillows, and sleep accessories is a healthy decision that you can feel very good about. Sound sleep is a very sound investment.

Luxury to satisfy your frugal side

You feel good about spending money on things that keep you healthy. You don’t think of them as “luxuries” – they’re what you need to be your best; your health club membership or vitamins, for example. It’s just as important to invest in quality sheets, pillows, and other bedding. If you’re not getting the sleep you need, a bargain is not a bargain.

But shop Cuddledown’s sale section to satisfy your frugal side.

High quality natural and synthetic fiber fabrics for long-term savings

High-quality bedding can last more than a lifetime – just ask anyone who’s still using heirloom linens. Most of our Cuddledown sheets, comforter covers, pillowcases, and shams are made with the finest natural fibers which breathe, absorb moisture, and stay soft. And we also carry several items in the highest quality artificial fibers, synthetics and blends, which are practical but still feel luxuriously soft.

Our individual customers have counted on our quality since 1973, and a growing number of fine hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts also trust Cuddledown for the best high thread count bedding.

  • Cotton is soft and smooth, and effectively absorbs moisture and transports it away from the body and into the air – so you stay dry and comfortable. It’s hypoallergenic, and its texture makes it a natural insulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Linen is extremely durable – plus, linen sheets grow softer and softer as they are washed and slept on. Linen is very insulating, so it’s warm in winter, yet breathes exceptionally well for cool summer-night comfort. Non-allergenic and anti-bacterial, it’s a good choice for sensitive skin. Researchers have even concluded that you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up in a better mood when you sleep on linen sheets!
  • Silk is the ultimate luxury fabric. Silk actually has lots of very practical assets. It’s the strongest natural fiber, provides substantial warmth, and is absorbent. Silk is extremely smooth, and studies have proven that it’s gentler to your hair and face than other fabrics. Less practical, but part of silk’s special cachet, it is also the only natural fiber that sparkles, actually deflecting light like a jewel.
  • Artificial Fibers, such as viscose and rayon are manmade from natural raw materials derived from cellulose or plant protein. Tencel, Modal, and rayon made from bamboo are some of today’s most recognizable fabrics made from artificial fibers. Bed linens made from artificial fibers often have many of the same qualities of natural fiber linens and are generally more durable. They are extremely absorbent, have a soft, silky hand, can be dyed to vibrant colors and some even have inherent anti-bacterial properties. Artificial fiber fabrics shrink when washed so be sure to closely adhere to the care instructions on your product.
  • Synthetics, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon are manmade products produced from petrochemicals. Fabric woven from these fibers can be dyed with colors that are more vibrant than those used on natural fiber fabric, and bedding made from synthetic fibers will be resistant to wrinkling. The disadvantage, due to their low porosity and absorbency, is that synthetics can be uncomfortable in warm or humid climates.
  • Blends are combinations of two or more different fibers. Usually the fiber present in the highest percentage dominates the fabric, but a successful blend will exhibit the desirable qualities of all. For example, a cotton linen blend sheet will exhibit linen characteristics such as a crisp texture and natural luster while at the same time exhibiting cotton characteristics such as improved strength and less shrinkage than 100% linen.

Thread count guide – What to know before you buy

Most often, the higher the thread count, the better the sheet – but not always!

When you see high thread count sheets at a bargain price, beware. If you want the luxurious comfort and durability of high thread count sheets, do business with a retailer you know to be reputable and ask your salesperson:

Are the fibers top quality? Fine, long-staple combed cotton yarns make for softer, smoother, and stronger sheets.

Does the fabric feel smooth and supple? If the sheet is made with lower quality yarns, it will feel heavy or stiff – not ideal for good sleep!

What’s the true thread count? Make sure the count refers to the number of threads, not the plies in each thread.

Superior quality high thread count sheets are an investment, but they’ll reward you with an excellent dividend: years of comfortable rest. Learn more about choosing fine linens.

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