How long do down pillows last?


The life of a down pillow depends on how much moisture it absorbs each night, how often it is washed, and how frequently it gets "aired." A down pillow should be fluffed up in the morning and aired in a dry place to let any moisture evaporate. When cared for in this way, the life expectancy should be at least 10 to 15 years. After that, it is still usable but may lose some of its support.

One other helpful tip for getting the most out of your down pillows comes from our Vice President of Product Development, Norma Wilkins-Gross: "To keep your pillow always smelling and feeling fresh, use two pillows and switch them each night. This allows the unused pillow to have an extra day for moisture to evaporate. I keep the "resting" pillow in a dry place near an open window to aid evaporation."

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