How do I wash my pillows?


Protect your pillow with a pillow protector and a pillowcase - two layers of protection. A pillow protector extends the life of any pillow by protecting it against everyday wear. Our protectors have a zip closure and remove easily for normal laundering; two layers of washable protection reduce the need to wash your pillow. And as with our comforters, we recommend you follow the European custom of airing your down products on a regular basis. Regular airing will keep them smelling fresh and clean. Small spills and stains should be spot cleaned with a mild laundry detergent and thoroughly dried with a handheld hair dryer. If you do need to launder your pillow, we recommend washing on warm, using a mild detergent such as our
Fine Linen Washing Liquid . Most importantly, be sure to thoroughly dry your pillow, as trapped moisture in any down product can result in mildew and ruin your investment. Machine-dry your pillow on low, using our Down Fluffers or a clean tennis ball or sneaker to keep the down from clumping during drying. After removing from the dryer, hang your pillow for 24 hours in a dry, shady place to ensure all moisture is eliminated.

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