How do I wash my featherbed?


Occasionally air outside to keep your featherbed smelling fresh. Spot clean when required, and avoid the big job of washing your whole featherbed. Our king size featherbed is filled with 16 pounds of feathers, so washing is not recommended. If necessary, synthetic filled featherbeds can be machine washed on warm with mild soap in a commercial front-loading washer. Dry low heat completely to prevent mildew. We recommend using our Down Fluffers or a clean tennis ball or sneaker in the drier to breakup any clumps of fill and ensure that the featherbed is completely dry. As with a down comforter or pillow, a featherbed will be ruined by mildew if not dried completely – be sure that no clumps of damp fill are hidden within the featherbed, and do not store in a plastic bag or other material that does not breathe.

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