How do I wash my down comforter?


Regular airing will keep your down products smelling fresh and clean. Small spills and stains should be spot cleaned with a mild laundry detergent and thoroughly dried with a handheld hair dryer. If you must launder your comforter, we recommend washing and drying in front-loading commercial machines. Use a mild detergent such as our Fine Linen Washing Liquid. You can expect some shrinkage. Most importantly, be sure to thoroughly dry your comforter, as trapped moisture in any down product can mildew and ruin your investment. Dry your comforter on low, using our Down Fluffers or a clean tennis ball or sneaker to keep the down from clumping during drying. After removing from the dryer, hang your comforter for 24 hours in a dry, shady place to ensure all moisture is eliminated from the product.

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