If the word flannel conjures up the image of a lumberjack in a plaid shirt, think again! Flannel is a luxuriously soft and warm fabric, perfect for cuddling up on those cool nights. Plus, with a wide variety of designs, from whimsical to elegant, it can match any style!

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Quality European flannel

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Flannel's history purportedly began with a similar fabric originating in Wales in the 1500s and it spread throughout Europe over the next several centuries. Those early flannels were made of fine, short staple wool, but by the 20th century, cotton flannel became more common.

Following that strong European tradition, the 100% cotton flannel we use in our Cuddledown bedding and sleepwear comes from the finest mills in Germany and Portugal. The premiere 6 oz. German flannel that we use in our sheets is known worldwide for its softness and long-lasting quality. It's napped (a process where the fabric is gently brushed to create fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns) often a dozen times or more throughout production to create the extra fleecy soft hand and volume for which it's renowned. In addition to napping, our Portuguese flannel is also submitted to the Velvet treatment for strength and to decrease pilling. And finally, our flannels are Oeko Tex® certified to be free from harmful chemicals.

Flannel for every style

Whether you like solid colors or prints, fun or more sophisticated designs, or even soft, flannel sheets embellished with embroidery, we have a selection that will complement your décor and sleeping preferences. And you can also add our highly rated flannel blankets to your bed and turn down the thermostat.

Comfy flannel sleepwear

Who doesn't love snuggling into a cozy pair of flannel PJs, a classic nightgown, or wrap yourself in a warm flannel robe when the weather gets chilly! Every year at the change of seasons, we offer comfy flannel sleepwear, and since our customers particularly love our vintage Rosebud print, we aim to please, bringing it back most recently with new styling and of course, the finest 100% cotton Portuguese flannel. Of course, if you're a cool sleeper, regardless of the season, you can wear flannel all year round!

Our customers love our cozy flannel sheets! Read some of the 5-star reviews of our Flannel Bedding!

  • “Love, Love, Love these!!! These are by far the best flannel sheets I have ever owned. You don't want to get out of bed!!!”
    – RenaB, Branford, CT
  • “Absolutely Fabulous! Can't find quality like this anywhere else!”
    – Birdie, Northbrook, IL
  • “We have replaced all of our bed linens, and bath linens, with Cuddledown products. These flannel sheets are of good quality, they stand up to washing well, and we love that they are certified safe fabrics!”
    – Woodland Elf, TN
  • “...Wow! Soft, really soft. Thick and luxurious... I would NEVER buy any other flannel sheets. I live in Minnesota, it is 5 below zero as I type this. No matter where you live if you think winter is cold, then buy these sheets. Spend the money, pamper yourself”
    – Ellen, MN
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Cozy. Soft. Warm. FLANNEL

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