Exercisers sleep better with comfy Cuddledown bedding

Exercisers sleep better with comfy Cuddledown bedding

Exercisers sleep better with comfy Cuddledown bedding

More Movement = Better Sleep!

The sleep experts here at Cuddledown have noted that among the many great benefits attributed to exercising regularly, new studies are showing that in fact, exercising can help promote better sleep. We’ve developed products designed to help ease tired muscles, regulate body temperature, and more – perfect for the physically active!

The National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 survey showed that approximately 75% of exercisers (whether vigorous, moderate or light) were more likely to say that they slept well than non-exercisers. They said that for inactive people, even a ten minute walk per day can improve sleep.

To sleep comfortably after exercising those muscles, Cuddledown’s lofty comforters, especially the higher fill power down comforters, are supremely lightweight, yet warm and cozy. Many arthritis sufferers highly recommend them for reducing weight on aching limbs.

Good sleep starts from the foundation up. From adaptable memory foam, to moisture-wicking wool fleece, to the supremely lofty “perfect nest”, to the heated pads radiating soothing warmth for aching muscles, there’s a Cuddledown sleep-enhancing mattress pad for everyone – athlete or not!

When to exercise for the optimum ZZZZZZs

The amount of exercise and the time of day can definitely have an impact on sleep. According to the Discovery Channel’s Fit and Health experts, the best time to exercise vigorously (cardiovascular workouts that keep your heart rate up and muscles active) is in the late afternoon and early evening, so your body temperature will be raised at the perfect time, decreasing later at night, helping ease you into sleep. Cuddledown’s lightweight, breathable linen and percale sheets are perfect for a post-workout good night’s sleep, and temperature regulating bedding and sleepwear helps keep you comfy, while making sure you don’t overheat in bed.

Daytime Workouts: For those who enjoy morning exercise, especially outdoors, it’s not only a great way to start the morning out right, but also exposure to the light adjusts your body’s internal clock, reducing the chance for insomnia at night. To avoid being sore at work, you can bring a convenient, microwaveable warming wrap to soothe your aching neck, shoulder or back. Shop Unscented Soft Fleece Hot/Cold Therapy Spa Wrap

Working Out Before Bed: And for night owls who can’t bear the thought of getting up in the wee hours to exercise before work, or can’t get away from your desk during the day, never fear! Studies now show that exercising at whatever hour works for you, even closer to bedtime, will still improve your chances for a good night’s sleep.

However, the key to working out in the evening is to give yourself enough time to cool down and relax before hopping into bed. Or, choose a less vigorous workout closer to bedtime. Yoga, for example, can work your core and provide great stretching exercise, while encouraging you to breathe deeply and relax. Or make time to take a nice relaxing bath before bed. We recommend wrapping yourself post-bath in a super absorbent and luxuriously fluffy Cuddledown bamboo towel. Shop Customer Favorite Bamboo Towels

Sleep Comfort is Key

For a good night’s sleep, regardless of when or how you exercise, you can ease your tired muscles and create a comfortable sleep environment with the perfect bedding. In addition to the previously mentioned mattress pads, comforters and temperature regulating bedding – Cuddledown’s specialty pillows are specifically designed to address muscle pain. Our Contour Cradling Neck Pillow is perfect for neck and shoulder issues, and our Body Cuddler Pillow assists with proper spine/hip alignment.

Keep it Clean

Finally – whether it’s your exercise gear or your comfy bedding, be sure to keep it clean for optimal health and better sleep. Caldrea makes great, natural cleaning products, and at Cuddledown, we sell their customer favorite Caldrea® Palmarosa Wild Mint Sport Wash – perfect for your activewear. And handwashing is a snap on a Brabantia drying rack perfect for use in the tub.

For tips on cleaning bedding – view our Bedding Cleaning Guide (applicable for down or synthetic).

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