Eco Friendly Living Guide

Taking responsibility for how our products affect
our customers and the environment is a growing
focus and we’d like to share more with you about
what that means to Cuddledown.

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Eco Friendly Living Guide

Cuddledown’s mission is to offer our customers the highest quality products that bring comfort and style to their homes. We also believe quality is about more than making sure that our products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. It means that they have to be manufactured under good conditions and that our customers must be satisfied with our efforts toward that end.

What We Do

Certified Safe Fabric

Health and Safety-certified Products

Look for our Oeko-Tex® certified icon throughout our catalog and website. Products using these fabrics or fill are certified to be free of all substances harmful to you and your family. And by keeping harmful chemicals out of our fabrics we’re also keeping them out of the environment when their useful lives are over. The testing required for certification is exhaustive, but we put the highest value on fabric quality and safety.

Shop our safe-fabric (Oeko-Tex certified) products
Learn more about Oeko-Tex

Organic and Sustainable Products

Certified Eco-Friendly

Cuddledown continues to explore more “green” products – both certified organic, as well as sustainable. We offer products that are organic, and some which are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS certifies that the fibers used in these textiles are grown organically, manufactured without harmful chemicals, and produced in a fair working environment. This extensive standard is only placed on truly organic products, tested by the same certification that is used all over the world. Shopping organic from food to bedding is the best way to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment – in other words, truly “eco-friendly.”

By definition, sustainable is the term designated to natural resources that are able to replenish at the same rate at which they are used, without any aid. Our bamboo products are an excellent example; bamboo is incredibly fast growing and versatile and has become a favorite for its sustainability and durability. In fact, most bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides and is highly renewable. Cuddledown is proud to offer an assortment of sustainable bamboo blend products for bed and bath.

Shop Our Certified Organic Products
Shop Our Sustainable Ramblers Way Products
Learn more about the Global Organic Textile Standard

An Environmentally Responsible Way to Shop

Save a gallon, shop at home

We think that shopping at home is an environmentally sound alternative to driving between energy consuming stores and malls. Our website and catalog are designed to help you find what you need from the comfort of home. WhatÙs more, our printer (located in Maine) recycles 100% of the paper waste generated at their plant and 99% of all emissions are scrubbed before leaving the plant. Approximately 97% of the paper we use to print our catalog is also produced in Maine – also following environmentally friendly standards – from trees that are responsibly farmed for pulp, and it’s 100% recyclable.

However, if you would like to limit the number of catalogs you receive from Cuddledown, or just prefer to shop online without receiving our catalog, Cuddledown gives you mailing options to customize the frequency of our catalog mailings – simply call our toll free number 800-323-6793.

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