Down Care Guide - Care for Down Bedding

Down comforters, pillows, pet beds and featherbeds
can be tough to clean. So here are some tips to make
the process a little easier.

Down Care Guide

Down comforters, pillows, pet beds and featherbeds can be tough to clean. So here are some tips to make the process a little easier.

First, and most importantly, try to keep your down materials protected. When possible, use a cover over your down product to protect it from dust, dirt and body oils, and wash the cover instead of washing your down comforter. (Most of Cuddledown’s bedding styles offer coordinating comforter covers.) Cuddledown recommends that you seldom wash your comforter. At most you should wash it not more than once every 5 to 7 years, but if you take care of it and keep it covered, you should never really need to wash it. Frequent washing can lead to excessive wear and tear on your down product, shortening its longevity and optimum performance.

For an easy-care solution to ensure your down comforters peak performance, shake your down comforter weekly to prevent the down from bunching up. If you have a sewn-through box-stitch construction, the down will not shift, and weekly shakings won’t be necessary.

When the weather is agreeable, you can air your down comforter outside to keep it fresh. You may want to hang your down comforter over a porch railing or clothesline to let the fresh air blow through it. Cuddledown recommends that you never dry clean down products, but if your comforter needs to be washed, use an oversized or front loading washing machine, without an agitator. You may have to bring oversized down comforters to a commercial laundromat to ensure uniform washing and rinsing, since most washing machines at home are smaller in size.

Wash your down comforter in cold water using a mild detergent like our Cuddledown Washing Liquid, but rinse thoroughly as to not leave any residue. This can lead to eventual break down of the material. Squeeze out very gently any excess water from your down comforter, (do not wring). Your down comforter may have a strong odor when wet, but that will go away once dry. Dry on low heat setting with two or three tennis balls or clean sneakers or our Down Fluffers so that the fill moves as it dries. It may take a long time, so you may want to include some dry towels to soak up some of the moisture. Store your down comforter completely dry in a well-ventilated space when you are not using it in order to avoid mildew. Make sure that your down comforter is stored so that the down is not compressed.

Care of Down Pillows

Down pillows, like comforters and featherbeds, should be washed very infrequently, and should be kept covered to ensure the longest use. A pillow protector that goes between the pillow and whatever decorative pillow case you’d like to use, is the best way to extend the life of your down pillow. Available in several styles and fabric choices, a pillow protector, like a comforter cover, can be removed for washing and will keep your down pillow clean.

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