Does down wick moisture away?


As long as the shell of a down comforter is made of a breathable fabric, the moisture will not be trapped inside. The moisture will move into and through the comforter to the outer fabric shell, where it will spread out and evaporate when exposed to air. Therefore, down does transport humidity away from the sleeper, but this is not the same as "wicking." Wool and specially woven synthetic fibers have the ability to "wick" moisture away from the body. Synthetic performance fabrics are woven to be breathable, which allows moisture to travel to the outer surface of the article for evaporation. Wool "wicks away" moisture from the body by its ability to absorb up to 50% of its dry weight before becoming saturated. Down will absorb water when it is immersed in it, thus causing the down to clump together and lose its effectiveness.

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