Do your flannel sheets pill?


We develop our flannel sheets at the best European flannel mills - mills that make the highest quality flannel in the world. We have not had any problems with pilling because of our high quality cotton and the napping process used in the finishing of the flannel.

Flannels are normally a "plain weave" fabric, which is produced by a one-over-one weaving of threads. Fine sized yarns are used in the warp (vertical threads), while relatively thicker yarns are used in the weft (horizontal threads). This is necessary because during the napping process, millions of fibers are pulled out from the horizontal weft yarns to create a very thick and soft nap on the sheets

Three things set our flannel apart from many of our competitors: the quality of our cotton, the twist of the yarns, and the larger-than-normal yarns we use in the weft. These softer, thicker weft yarns substantially increase the "beefiness" of our sheets and are especially important to the napping process. Napping essentially pulls threads from the weft to bring a soft nap to the fabric. By using a thicker-than-normal weft yarn, the warp yarn remains intact and buries itself into the weft - creating a more durable flannel. When thinner, lower quality weft yarns are used, they can be damaged during the napping process - and this often results in pilling. View our full selection of flannel sheets.

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