How to Choose a Mattress Pad or Mattress Topper

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Although most modern mattresses have some sort of plush top or padding, you can customize your bed even further with a mattress pad or mattress topper. Plus, mattress pads and toppers are easier to clean and much less expensive to replace than a mattress. Whether you’re looking to add soft and luxurious comfort, address a particular health issue, refresh an older mattress, or simply protect your mattress, at Cuddledown, we have a pad or topper to meet your every need.

Not Your Grandma's Mattress Pad

Not looking for a typical mattress pad or topper? Try one of our featherbeds. The Deluxe Baffle Box Featherbed is a customer favorite.

With more than 30 styles of mattress pads and toppers offered here at Cuddledown, many of which are multi-functional, we’ve provided some guidelines to help you decide how best to top your bed! We also have a video which includes demonstrations of some of our mattress pads and toppers. And our bedding experts are available by phone to answer your questions at 800-323-6793.

1. Do you need a Mattress Pad or Mattress Topper?

Mattress pads — are quilted pads that typically fasten to the mattress with some sort of elastic skirting or band. They provide protection for your mattress as well as adding comfort or warmth, or to refresh an older mattress.

Mattress toppers — sit on top of the mattress and are generally thicker than a pad — this can include featherbeds, foam toppers and so on. They are great for additional comfort or warmth, or for more specific health-related issues such as back pain, arthritis or GERD/acid reflux disease.

2. Function — what is the primary purpose you’re hoping to achieve with your pad or topper?

An additional layer of comfort? Our pads and toppers range from more traditional quilted, cozy mattress pads to fleecy wool pads to our luxuriously comfy Perfect Nest in a down/feather blend or synthetic fill. What you choose depends on the type of fabric or fill you like (see Materials).

Regulating your temperature? We not only carry more traditional heated mattress pads, with safe, adjustable heating elements so fine you’ll never know they’re there, but we also carry several specialty pads which can regulate your body temperature. These include moisture wicking fibers such as wool fleece or rayon from bamboo, and also our Temperature Regulating Memory Foam Toppers with nanogel technology that adjusts to your body temperature throughout the night, making them perfect for those menopausal hot flashes. Shop Temperature Regulating Pads and Toppers

Waterproof protection? Several of our pads come with added protection against liquid stains. They’re not only comfortable, but absorbent, easy to clean, and an affordable investment to protect any mattress. Shop Waterproof ,Mattress Pads and Toppers

Solutions for particular health needs? We offer memory foam mattress pads and toppers that can help with particular health issues, such as back or neck pain, arthritis or even GERD/acid reflux disease. Offering support that eases pain, tension, and headaches, our memory foam toppers are proven so therapeutic, they are used in over 4,000 hospitals nationwide. Shop Solutions Mattress Pads and Toppers

3. Materials — do you have a fabric or fill preference?

Fills — our quilted mattress pads or toppers come in a variety of fills:

  • natural down/feather blends
  • wool
  • 100% cotton
  • fluffy synthetics that loft like down
  • 100% rayon from bamboo

Fabrics/outer layers — our pads and toppers have shells or covers that come in a variety of materials and some of these also come with an additional layer of waterproof protection.

Solid materials — we also have foam or latex toppers which many people love for their body-conforming support and health solutions. Shop Foam Toppers

Certified safe fabrics — many of our pads and toppers have shells and/or fills that are Oeko-tex® certified to be free of harmful chemicals and safe for your entire family. Shop Oeko-tex® Certified Pads and Toppers

And finally, Made in the USA — some of our mattress pads and toppers are made in the USA, including several, such as our Perfect Nest mattress toppers, which are handcrafted in our manufacturing facility right here in Maine.

Featured Video

How to Choose a Mattress Pad

Watch the Video: How to Choose a Mattress Pad

Measuring to Get the Correct Size & Fit

Before you choose a pad, topper or protector, you need to properly measure your mattress so you’ll know if it requires a deep or extra deep size pocket. Several of our mattress protectors come in both 9″ and 18″ pocket depths. Cuddledown also offers bedding protectors to fit Extra Long Twin and California King size mattresses.

  • To start, measure only your bare mattress — be sure to remove linens, blankets and any other bedding.
  • Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the depth from top seam to bottom seam, in several places to ensure you have the right fit — and go with the deepest measurement.
  • For pillow top mattresses, we recommend estimating the highest point of your mattress, including the pillow top.
  • For box springs — measure the depth of your bare box spring from top edge to bottom edge.

Protect Your Mattress Investment

Mattress Protectors

Protect your mattress investment and protect yourself from dust mites and bed bugs with a mattress protector. These zippered “bags” enclose your entire mattress (or box springs). They can be waterproof to protect your mattress from stains or specially constructed to protect from dust mites and bed bugs. Protectors can be used along with a mattress pad or topper.

Shop All Mattress Protectors

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