Comforter Comparison Guide - Find the Best Comforter

Follow our two easy steps to find
the right comforter for you.

Comforter Comparison Guide

Step 1. Choose your warmth level

We have a comforter for every type of sleeper and every climate. If you're not sure, we recommend you choose the cooler level. For less warmth choose our Blanket and Summer levels – perfect for year-round use.

  • Level 1 (our most popular) is the warmth of two thick blankets, without the weight.
  • Level 2 is even warmer, perfect for cold sleepwers or cool rooms.
  • Level 3 has interior fabric baffles to provide even more warmth.
  • Level 4 comforters are designed for the coldest climates, and have interior fabric baffles plus extra fill for ultimate warmth.

Temperature of your bedroom: Type of sleeper you are:
Always warm Normal to warm Normal to cold Always cold
over 70º Blanket Level Blanket Level Blanket Level Blanket Level or
Summer Level
65º-70º Blanket Level Blanket Level or
Summer Level
Summer Level Summer Level or Level 1
60º-65º Blanket Level or
Summer Level
Summer Level or Level 1 Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2
55º-60º Summer Level or Level 1 Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2 or Level 3 Level 3
below 55º Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2 or Level 3 Level 3 or Level 4 Level 4

Step 2. Choose your fabric

Our Cuddledown comforters are made from premium fabric that's Oeko-Tex® certified to be free from harmful chemicals, plus it's downproof – guaranteed not to leak down, feathers or other fill. Most of our comforter shells are 100% cotton – from a cambric weave to luxurious 400 thread count sateen or supremely lightweight German batiste. We even carry temperature-regulating fabrics. Or, for a designer look without a duvet cover, choose our colored or printed comforters. We offer most comforters in Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King, Oversized Queen and Oversized King. Our comforters are carefully box-stitched to keep down from shifting. Our Oversized Queen and King, and our warmest Level 3 and Level 4 comforters have fabric baffles constructed to keep the top and bottom fabrics from touching, thus eliminating "cold spots."

Comforter Sizes:

Throw 53" x 67"
Twin 68" x 86"
Full 81" x 86"
Queen 92" x 88"
Oversized Queen 98" x 98"
King 107" x 92"
Oversized King 116" x 98"

Step 3. Choose your fill power

Luxurious Hypoallergenic Down or Premium Synthetic Fill
Our quality duck or goose down, mostly sourced from Europe and the USA, is thoroughly sanitized to reduce allergy-causing impurities. Or choose our premium, hypoallergenic synthetic fill with fibers that loft and cluster just like down.

What is Fill Power?
In addition to choosing your warmth level (above), you may choose your fill power – put simply, it's a measurement of how fluffy the down is. We measure the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill, so the higher the number, the larger the down cluster and the higher the quality for a lighter, softer comforter.

  • Premium European or USA Synthetic Fill: Our hypoallergenic fill has fibers that loft and cluster just like natural down.
  • 600 U.S. White Duck Down, or 600 White Goose Down: Premium quality down exceeding that of most American retailers.
  • 700 White Duck Down or European White Goose Down: Softer and lighter than the best down sold by most
    department stores.
  • 800 European White Goose Down: We use this special down in our finer quality pillows and comforters.
  • 900 European White Goose Down: Exceptional in the world market. We research and only buy small lots that meet our strict standards.
  • Exclusive 1,000 European White Goose Down: The finest down we’ve ever seen and we have the
    North American exclusive.
  • Rare Eiderdown Fill: Prized worldwide for its unmatched warmth and lightness. Limited quantities available.

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