Bamboo Towels and Bath Rugs

Not only the favorite snack of Giant Pandas, bamboo
is an increasingly popular material used in everything
from flooring to clothing — an amazingly diverse and
ecologically renewable and sustainable plant.

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The buzz about bamboo

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Botanically categorized as a grass, bamboo just might be the world’s most sustainable resource. Similar to grass, bamboo builds a vast root network underground to sustain its rapid growth. In fact, it’s one of the world’s fastest–growing plants, with reported record growth rates of 39 inches in a 24-hour period. Commonly cultivated bamboo in temperate climates more typically grows at a rate of 1–4 inches per day during the growing season, allowing the harvested crop to easily be replenished. Bamboo also does not require pesticides or herbicides to thrive, allowing farmers to grow an organic crop. Plus, a bamboo grove releases more oxygen into the air than an equivalent grove of trees, helping to maintain the atmosphere’s crucial oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.

Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo actually makes up to 99 percent of the Giant Panda’s diet in the wild. Bamboo isn’t very nutritious, so pandas spend up to 16 hours a day eating as much as 40 pounds. Of course, Pandas aren’t the only creatures who enjoy eating bamboo, as the tender shoots are added to many types of Asian cuisine.

Bamboo has always been used as a building material, especially in its native Asia and the South Pacific. More recently it has become more popular in the U.S. as a versatile material that can be used in everything from apparel to home design. Bamboo can be made into sheets and planks by cutting and planing the stalks and ultimately gluing and pressing them into a finished product that can be used like traditional wood.

More recently, new processes have been developed which enable plant–based fibers (such as bamboo) to be utilized in the production of fabric. When processed, the regenerated cellulose fiber from bamboo can be made into a luxuriously soft and lightweight fabric similar to modal, with its smooth hand and flowing drape. Called rayon from bamboo, these fabrics are known for their soft, comfortable, and highly absorbent properties.

At Cuddledown we offer several fine bedding and bath products made using the bamboo plant, from bamboo mattress pads to bamboo bath rugs, and of course including our customer favorite bamboo towels.

Here are just two of the many 5–star reviews our bamboo towels have received:

  • “After my first time using these towels I gathered up all my old towels and put them into my donate bag. These bamboo towels are the only ones I plan to ever buy again. They could be used in any situation and the colors are wonderful, made to fit into any bathroom color or style. LOVE THEM!!”
    – Kip, Phoenix, AZ
  • “These towels are my all time favorite. They are silky soft and super absorbent… I’ve had more expensive ones that I like but not as much as these. I ordered them for my master bath. Now I want to get more for my guest rooms.”
    – Donna, Amelia Island, FL

We're pleased to offer our customers fine rayon from bamboo products, created from such a great sustainable resource!

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