Better Sleep For Allergy Sufferers

Better sleep for allergy sufferers
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According to the experts, a good night’s sleep is vital to your overall health and well-being. From dust mites and mold, to your bed’s materials themselves, allergies can keep you from sleeping soundly and can potentially harm your health. Finding the right bedding can mean all the difference in how you sleep, and at Cuddledown, we offer several options for your bed that are tailored to specific health needs, from protective covers, to mattress toppers and even mattresses.

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Hypoallergenic Mattress and Pillow Protectors

As unpleasant as it may sound, allergy-causing dust mites live on the dead skin cells we all shed. To limit exposure to the dust and detritus and the accompanying mites while you sleep, you can simply slip a cover over your mattress, box springs or pillow to create a protective barrier. Most of our mattress and pillow protectors are hypoallergenic and made from 100% cotton fabric that is Oeko-Tex® certified to be free from harmful chemicals. Some are specially constructed with tested pore sizes and special zippered flaps to keep out dust mite allergens and bed bugs, and some are also waterproof to protect your mattress from stains. Protectors can be used along with a mattress pad or topper, and they are much easier to clean and much less expensive to replace.

Hypoallergenic or Natural Fabric Mattress Toppers and Pads

Most mattresses include synthetic materials that can exacerbate allergies in some people, but using a pad to create a layer between you and your mattress can often help. At Cuddledown, we offer a wide selection of comfy mattress pads and toppers, including several that are made from primarily (or all) natural materials.

One such pad is our 400 Thread Count Pima Cotton Mattress Pad, which is 100% cotton, through and through for breathability and comfort. From the top to the fill to the skirt, it’s made from 400 thread count, long-staple cotton, something you rarely see in department store mattress pads. Plus, it’s made here in the USA.

Another option is our US-made Plush Wool Fleece Pad, which is covered in soft, 100% top grade American virgin wool to cushion your whole body to reduce tossing and turning. The wool naturally wicks moisture away, and helps regulate body temperature so you stay comfortable and dry.

Although it’s not 100% natural, rayon from bamboo is made from an environmentally sustainable material that is naturally anti-microbial, mold resistant, hypoallergenic, and temperature regulating. Our Ultimate Comfort Bamboo Mattress Pad is a super comfy addition to your bed with its Oeko-tex® certified 100% rayon from bamboo top, filled with plush synthetic. The skirt and backing are made of 50% polyester⁄50% cotton. This pad is also made in the USA.

Of course, there are always the classic “featherbed” style mattress pads. Ours are named “Perfect Nest” – for good reason – sinking into their sumptuous softness, you’ll fall fast asleep. We make our Perfect Nests here in Maine with either a blend of hypoallergenic down and feathers, or synthetic fill that feels just like down. They̵re covered in 100% down proof cotton twill, and Oeko–Tex® certified to be free of all harmful chemicals and safe for you and your family.

Memory foam and latex mattress toppers

Memory foam and latex mattress pads and toppers can help with particular health issues, such as back or neck pain, arthritis or even GERD/acid reflux disease. Memory foam toppers are proven so therapeutic, they are used in thousands of hospitals nationwide. However, some people are sensitive to the memory foam or latex materials, particularly to the initial odors released (known as “off-gassing”). If the initial smell bothers you, you can air the mattress pad outside, and make sure you use it in a well-ventilated room. We also would advise our customers with more acute sensitivities or allergies to check with their physicians before purchasing such bedding.

A unique topper, designed to mitigate any heat created by the body-conforming foam, is our US-made Temperature Regulating Memory Foam Topper. A hybrid of memory foam infused with a nanogel cooling agent, this mattress pad uses the latest technology for the ultimate in sleep comfort. It cradles your body with even weight distribution, creating pressure relief, and through an open-celled, breathable construction it neutralizes body heat to keep you cool. Plus, a unique, natural green tea additive naturally replaces the initial “memory foam smell” with a calming minty aroma that dissipates over time. The nanogel infusion in the foam also adds to the topper’s durability, making it more resistant to sagging. The soft, moisture-wicking, “Coolest Comfort” polyester cover helps maintain optimum sleeping temperature and it’s zippered for easy removal⁄cleaning.

Natural latex is derived from the milky sap of the rubber tree, found in Africa and Southeast Asia. Latex mattress pads minimize pressure points and provide at least some relief for bodily pain, including back pain. All-natural, all-latex mattresses seldom have reports of off gassing (the release of a chemical-like gas when the mattress is new). The US-made wool and natural latex Royal Pedic Pillow Top Pad we offer, is a great topper filled with a layer of pure French wool and a layer of natural, Oeko-Tex® certified latex foam and covered with Belgian 100% cotton fabric. However, if you think you may have any sensitivity to latex, again, you should check with your physician first.

Hypoallergenic or Natural Fabric Mattresses

Although we are not a mattress manufacturer, for those looking for an alternative to the traditional mattresses made with synthetic materials, we do offer a cotton mattress and box spring set for our customers online.

For the reassurance of knowing you’re sleeping on all natural fabrics, you may wish to purchase our Cotton Mattress and Box Spring Set. Three inches of 100% long-staple, US-grown cotton batting is surrounded by 100% Belgian cotton damask fabric in this ultra comfortable, yet supportive mattress and box spring set. It’s guaranteed to be free of all formaldehyde and fluorocarbons, so you can sleep safely on fibers that ventilate and dissipate body heat better than synthetics, and it’s made in the USA.

Organic Cotton Sheets

And finally, don’t forget about your sheets and blankets. At Cuddledown we also offer GOTS certified Organic Cotton Percale Sheets as well as several blankets made from natural fibers, such as our Oeko-Tex® certified European Cotton Fleece Blanket, so you can sleep comfortably, knowing that your bedding is free from harmful chemicals and irritants.

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Dust Mite and Allergen Barrier Cotton Duvet Protector 5-star Rated
Dust Mite & Allergen Barrier Cotton Duvet Protector
Exactly what I was looking for. It’s extremely well-made, the fabric is very tightly woven but crisp and light…I use this under decorative duvet covers…and I know it will save my down comforter from too many cleanings,thus substantially extending it’s life.
Customer, Seattle, WA

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Multi-Zone Memory Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper 5-star Rated
Multi-Zone Memory Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper
This has been the perfect item. I have no more aches and pains in my bones in the morning and feel so much more rested since I purchased it! Highly recommend it!
Customer, Pennington, NJ

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Ultimate Comfort Bamboo Mattress Pad 5-star Rated
Ultimate Comfort Bamboo Mattress Pad
Very pleased with my purchase…Soft, plush, comfortable. Takes the edge off of a firm mattress without compromising support. Highly recommend.
Customer, CT

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