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What Is Fill Power?

What Is Fill Power?

Fill power is the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill; the higher the number, the higher the quality for a lighter, softer comforter. We use fill power between 600 and 900, far exceeding our competitors. Our comforters are lighter than blankets, thicker than quilts, and comfortably fat – not flat. And we offer you a choice of lofty down or synthetic.

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Here at Cuddledown we carefully handcraft comforters and pillows, using the finest fill, whether it's down or synthetic. We use premium goose and duck down and feathers, mostly sourced from Europe. Down is the light, fluffy undercoating of waterfowl, consisting of clusters of filaments growing from a central quill point. Down contains thousands of these soft clusters, which trap warm air to prevent heat loss. We also use high quality synthetic fill. Ours is made to feel similar to down with its softness and resiliency.

We visit our suppliers – some of the finest down producers around the world – to maintain Cuddledown's high quality. And we also use independent laboratories to test our down, making sure that the fill power meets our rigorous standards. People sometimes mistake fill power with firmness. But firmness is based on the actual amount of down in a product. For example, a standard soft pillow may contain 12 oz. of down while an overfilled or firmer pillow contains 20 oz. Fill power is actually a measurement of the loft of the down, specifically, the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will occupy. Larger down clusters result in higher fill power. Most of our products range from 600 to 900 fill power.

Put simply – the higher fill power means that your pillow or comforter will be higher quality, have more loft and be lighter weight, yet be more resilient and maintain its shape longer.


What Is Fill Power?

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