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How Your Pillows Are Made

How Your Pillows Are Made

Go behind the scenes with Cuddledown's expert manufacturing team.

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When you purchase a pillow from Cuddledown – you'll be guaranteed a great night's sleep and be certain that your pillow was made with care right here in the U.S. Ever wonder where it comes from, or how it was made? Cuddledown is a smaller, family-owned company, located in Portland, Maine, land of rocky shores, lighthouses and lobsters. Unlike pillows you can buy at most big "box stores," ours are custom-made by hand every time a customer places an order. Our manufacturing team of a dozen people has more than 70 cumulative years' experience, and that is evident with every pillow they make. We make all sorts of shapes and sizes in different fabrics, filled with down or synthetic fill. Prop: maybe have Kristina or Kathy set up a pillow setup for the initial shot?

A Cuddledown pillow begins with the fill. We use premium goose and duck down and feathers, mostly sourced from some of the finest down producers in Europe and we also use high quality synthetic fill. Ours is made to feel similar to down with its softness and resiliency.

We visit our suppliers around the world to maintain Cuddledown's high quality. We also use independent testing to ensure that the down meets our rigorous standards. All of our down is hypoallergenic as it undergoes a thorough cleaning and high temperature sterilization process before it arrives at Cuddledown.

Once we've got the down, the next step is placing it into your pillow. From the bins, the down travels through a series of ducts into silos. The silos spin the down so it stays separated and fluffy and able to move easily through the aptly named "gooseneck" right into your pillow. Using a scale on the machine, we carefully weigh the down to be sure each pillow is perfect. More down is added to create firmer pillows for back sleepers, whereas less down is included in a softer pillow for a stomach sleeper. After filling the pillow, our down experts verify the amount of fill and may adjust it by hand to make sure the correct amount is in the pillow.

The high quality fabric pillow "ticking" is made with smoothly spun yarns that are precisely and tightly woven. The fabric is then "calendered" with extreme heat and pressed, making the ticking downproof so the down won't escape from your pillow – ensuring your sleeping comfort. All of our pillow tickings are downproof tested and the tight weave also protects against dust mites.

Members of our sewing team carefully sew the filled pillows shut with our Cuddledown tag, as well as the law label that has intrigued generations of people. The removal of this infamous label doesn't mean the pillow police will arrest you, but it does ensure your pillow contains the materials we have advertised.

Our talented sewing department also produces fine custom pillows either using our materials or with fabrics supplied by our customers. And our reconditioning department can rebuild and refresh your cherished old pillows.

Once a pillow is finished, it's carefully packed to be shipped to you, so you can enjoy many nights of restful sleep.


How Your Pillows Are Made

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