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How Your Comforters Are Made

How Your Comforters Are Made

Craftsmanship. Heritage. Quality. Experience. Made in Maine. These are some of the words used to describe Cuddledown. We make our down comforters and synthetic comforters by hand in Maine, and our highly skilled manufacturing team has over 70 years of experience between them!

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Ever wonder how your quality Cuddledown comforter is made? Cuddledown is a smaller, family-owned company and we make our comforters right here in Maine… the land of rocky shores, lighthouses and lobsters. And we guarantee their quality, ensuring you a great night's sleep.

Unlike the comforters available at most big "box stores," ours are custom-made by hand every time a customer places an order. Our manufacturing team has more than 70 cumulative years' experience, and that's evident with every comforter we make. Our Cuddledown comforters come in a variety of fabrics, filled with down or synthetic material, to suit whatever temperature level or style you prefer. We use premium down, mostly sourced from some of the finest producers in Europe. We also use high quality synthetic fill, made to feel similar to down with its softness and resiliency. We visit our suppliers around the world and use independent testing to ensure that the down meets our rigorous standards. All of our down is hypoallergenic. It undergoes a thorough cleaning and high temperature sterilization process before it arrives at Cuddledown.

To make a comforter, the down travels from storage bins through a series of ducts, then into silos. The silos spin the down so it stays separated and fluffy, and able to move easily through the aptly named "gooseneck" right into your comforter. Using a scale on the machine, we carefully weigh the down to be sure each comforter is perfect. More down is added for higher fill level (or warmer) comforters. Our down experts verify the amount of fill and may adjust it by hand to make sure the correct amount is in the comforter. The high quality fabric comforter "shell" is made with smoothly spun yarns that are precisely and tightly woven. The fabric is processed to make the shells downproof so the down won't escape from your comforter,

Once the shell is filled, our sewing team carefully sews the filled comforters shut with our Cuddledown tag. The filled shell is then laid out on a special table, and attached to a frame while the down is carefully spread throughout the shell to make sure it's evenly distributed. With the comforter attached, the frame then feeds into a large quilting machine, which is programmed with a pattern for the desired size and amount of boxes in the design. Once the machine stitches the correct pattern, the comforter is then inspected by hand to check the quality, make sure loose threads are trimmed and any loose fill is cleaned off.

We also create what are known as "baffled" comforters (and no, they're not confused). The baffled style is used for certain fill level comforters or specialty items such as our temperature-regulating comforter. For a baffled comforter, the boxes in the shells come pre-stitched and a smaller tube is used to blow the down into each individual square. After the comforter is filled, any open seam is stitched shut, and it's finished and packaged the same as our other comforters.

Have a comforter you can't part with? Our reconditioning department can often rebuild and refresh your cherished old comforters. Once your comforter is finished, it's carefully packed to be shipped to you, so you can curl up in the warmth and softness of your own Cuddledown comforter for a great night's sleep.


How Your Comforters Are Made

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