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How to Measure Your Bed for a Fitted Sheet

How to Measure Your Bed for a Fitted Sheet

It is easy to measure your bed for a fitted sheet by figuring out how much pocket depth you need to accommodate not only your mattress, but any featherbeds, mattress pads or toppers, and mattress protectors you may be using on your bed. A quick, simple process, measuring your bed with any toppers will eliminate the stress of getting your new fitted sheet home only to find it does not fit over all of your bedding.

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Making your bed doesn't have to be a struggle if you have the correct fitted sheet. Mattresses today come in a wide variety of sizes, many of which are much thicker with cushiony tops and added padding. In addition, you also may be using a mattress pad or topper, such as a featherbed, all of which can add inches to the thickness of your mattress.

With a thick mattress and a too small fitted sheet - you can end up fighting to get it on the bed, and eventually, you'll cause the pocket seams to strain and possibly tear. Or, the sheet might just start to come off your mattress while you're sleeping and bunch up under you, causing discomfort. You can avoid all of that, simply by measuring your mattress ahead of time, and buying a fitted sheet in the correct depth.

To start - remove all of your linens, blankets, comforters and so on. But leave on any mattress pads or toppers if you'll be using them. Using a ruler or fixed tape measure, measure the depth from top seam to the bottom seam, in several places to be sure you have the right fit. If you have a pillow top mattress or a featherbed and it appears higher or fluffier in the middle, you should estimate the depth beyond the side measurement. Either way, you should use the deepest measurement to determine which size fitted sheet you buy.

If you already own a sheet and you're not sure what size the pockets are - you can easily measure it by laying it on the bed, and measuring along the pocket seam. Typically, Cuddledown's fitted sheets are sized deeper than your average retailer, and depending on the style, they may range from a 14 inch pocket to a deep 18 inch pocket. Our customer favorite 400 thread count sateen fitted sheets also come in an extra deep 21 inches. Conversely, if you have a slimmer foam mattress or hospital bed, we also carry fitted sheets with a 10 inch pocket.

Most of our fitted sheets are constructed with elastic all around all four sides, so your sheets will stay put. So, to save wear and tear on your sheets, and to save your aching back from the struggle of making a bed with the wrong size sheet, simply measure ahead of time and buy the correct size fitted sheet for your mattress. You'll be glad you did! If you have any questions about sheet sizes or how to properly measure, our bedding experts are available online or by phone at 1-800-323-6793.


How to Measure for a Fitted Sheet

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