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How to Choose a Comforter

How to Choose a Comforter

A fine high quality comforter is an investment - one which, if properly taken care of, will last many years. So how do you choose just the right comforter for you? This video will walk you through the features to consider and help you pick the perfect comforter for your sleeping environment, fabric preferences, allergies, and whether you are a, "hot sleeper" a "cold sleeper" or somewhere in between.

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Cuddledown got its start making down comforters here in Maine in the 1970s after the owners visited Europe and fell in love with the experience of sleeping under a lightweight, yet cozy down comforter. Whether you're looking for luxurious warmth, or super lightweight loft, or you wish to find a comforter for a particular sleep solution, here at Cuddledown, we have a comforter to meet your every need. Our comforters are available in a variety of fills. The most popular fill is our lofty and breathable down…either fine European White Goose Down, or our soft premium Duck Down. Because down is breathable, it works equally well in warm or cool climates. And if you're ready to splurge on the ultimate luxury, we also offer our rare and amazingly lightweight Eiderdown.

Our down ranges from our lofty 600 Fill Power all the way to our luxurious and exclusive 1,000 Fill Power, far exceeding our competitors! You can find out more about Fill Power by viewing our video online, but basically, the higher the number, the better the quality for a lighter weight, softer comforter. Our down is thoroughly cleaned to be hypoallergenic, but you may prefer a synthetic fill. Here at Cuddledown, we offer comforters filled with the finest, hypoallergenic synthetic fill that lofts and clusters just like down. And we even carry unique fills such as a silk or linen or cotton blend. Whichever fill you choose, you then pick a warmth level, or amount of fill…. Your choice will depend on how warm you keep your room and whether you're a hot or cold sleeper. Or even if your partner and you sleep at differing temperatures.

The warmth levels range from a blanket or a summer-weight comforter, which have the least amount of fill, and work well for warmer climates or year-round use, all the way up to a level four, which is the warmest, and perfect for extremely cold climates. We also have special Temperature Regulating Comforters, which adjust to your body temperature, keeping you and/or your partner perfectly comfortable all night.

Another factor in choosing your comforter is the fabric. Most of our comforters have a 100% cotton downproof fabric ticking, from our quality cambric, to fine, smooth sateen or even our super lightweight batiste. Plus, they are Oeko-Tex® certified, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for you and your family. Even if you prefer the look of a pristine white comforter, we recommend that you use a duvet cover to not only protect your comforter, but it's also a great option so you can change your bed's look as often as you'd like with our exclusive designs! Most of our comforters have loops at the corners, and the duvet covers have ties, so you can secure your comforter. And if you prefer to have a decorative comforter without using a cover, we also offer comforters with colored or printed shells, such as our customer favorite, colored 400 thread count sateen or our exclusive Tea Time Toile print.

Finally, we're proud to say our Cuddledown comforters are made in the USA, right here in our Maine facility. Our comforter experts carefully handcraft our comforters with box stitch construction so that the down will remain evenly distributed. And they also have reinforced seams for a longer life. Every step of the process is completed with detailed care and then quality checked to assure that your Cuddledown Comforter will last for years and years of use.

We stand behind our guarantee that only the finest product is shipped to you, our customers. And know that you too, will fall in love with sleeping under a cozy, Cuddledown comforter. If you want help choosing your comforter, you can view our handy Comforter Picker online at or call 1-800-323-6793 to speak to one of our comforter experts!


How to Choose a Comforter

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