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Crafting Luxury Designer Bedding

Crafting Luxury Designer Bedding

Crafting gorgeous bedding is an art; watch the process behind creating beautiful, detailed patterns on silky soft sateens and percales to produce luxury bedding that is not only soft and comfortable, but a statement piece that will really brighten up your bedroom.

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Ever wonder how the exclusive Cuddledown sheets you're snuggling into bed with are created? We develop our designs from a variety of sources, from commissioned artists and international design houses to textile archivists. Often our designs are inspired by something we discovered in our travels, such as a charming floral we found in an Italian or French marketplace. Or they could be influenced from an antique textile design. Once we've developed a concept for the artwork, we send it to a premier print house, whose artists digitize the design and match the colors, with the end result looking as close to the original as possible. Once approved, the design is laser engraved onto screen cylinders.

We use very wide fabric for our seamless sheets -- double the width of what you'd typically find in a fabric store -- so specialized printing machines are required. These state-of-the-art machines can print up to sixteen colors. The dyes are individually loaded into the cylinders to allow the dye to flow through the screen. Then the unfinished fabric, also known as "Greige" passes under the cylinders, which print each color of the design on it. Our fabric experts inspect the printed fabric to ensure that it matches the original artwork.

In addition to printed designs, Cuddledown creates embroidered sheets and pillowcases. Our intricate designs are embroidered on machines capable of stitching up to nine colors. Our embroidered dragonflies design is shown being stitched here. Whether printed or embroidered, the fabric is put through quality testing to be sure it meets our Cuddledown standards. Just a few of the many tests we require, include tensile or strength, color fastness, shrinkage control, and pilling.

Once our fabric is printed, it then moves to the cutting area, where workers smooth out several layers to be cut. The fabric is then folded and taken to the sewing area. Members of the sewing team stitch together the fabric to make the various items. Even the tricky fitted sheets with the elastic all-around, don't defeat our experts. Before the sheets and pillowcases are packaged, a team inspects them for flaws, trims any loose threads and squares the corners of the pillowcases. Once the items are approved, they're packaged to ultimately arrive in your bedroom.

You'll enjoy many a great night's sleep on our beautifully designed and ultra-comfy bedding, carefully created by our printing experts.


Crafting Luxury Designer Bedding

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