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Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towels

Our silky smooth Bamboo Towels have an extra soft feel and are super absorbent, more so than cotton. The fibers are also mercerized for extra strength and luster so these Turkish towels stay feeling and looking great for years. Bamboo is botanically categorized as a grass, bamboo just might be the world's most sustainable resource. Similar to grass, bamboo builds a vast root network underground to sustain its rapid growth. Watch our video to learn more.

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When you think of bamboo, you probably think of building materials or kitchen utensils, but you probably don't think of superbly soft towels. In fact, rayon from bamboo is used in our customer favorite towels and bath rugs. Bamboo is popular because it's not only a versatile material, but it's one of the world's most sustainable resources.

Technically a type of grass, bamboo grows rapidly, so it's easily replenished. It also doesn't require pesticides, plus, a bamboo grove releases more oxygen into the air than an equivalent grove of trees, helping to maintain the carbon dioxide balance, so it really is an eco-friendly resource.

To get the bamboo from its natural state to fabric that can be used in clothing and linens, it's processed into a regenerated cellulose fiber. The rayon from bamboo fiber is used in fabrics, which are known for their soft, comfortable, and highly absorbent properties.

Our towels are 57% cotton, 43% bamboo rayon, but our construction puts 60% bamboo in the pile where you feel it the most. The fibers are also mercerized for extra strength and luster so these towels stay feeling and looking great for years. Also, they're made in Turkey, which has a centuries-old reputation for making fine, spa-quality towels. The towels include an oversized bath sheet, a bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. And they also come in sets for convenience and cost savings. Available in more than 20 colors, they can also be monogrammed for a personal touch.

Our towels are so popular with our customers, they've generated more than 130 positive reviews. They praise the towels' generous size, and love how soft and fluffy they are against your skin… They describe our towels as thirsty and absorbent, not too heavy and they dry quickly. The Wall Street Journal even labeled our towels, "Best in Class," stating that, "The fluffy pile and silky drape of this bamboo towel were so appealing we found ourselves reaching for it again and again."

With that kind of comfort, created with such an amazing and sustainable fiber, you'll love our towels too!


Bamboo Towels

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