Our Manufacturing Story

We got our start in 1973, during the first oil crisis, making down comforters in Yarmouth, Maine and selling them to our friends.

Back in those days down comforters were a European tradition that hadn't yet made it to the U.S. But oil prices were high and down comforters were a great way for New Englanders to turn down the thermostat at night and still stay warm. We had such success selling locally that we took out advertisements in magazines such as Yankee, Down East, and The New Yorker. People from all over the country started ordering from us and, just like that, the Cuddledown catalog was born. Over the years, we have branched out with www.cuddledown.com, our wholesale business, and our hospitality program. So now you can find Cuddledown products at other fine retailers and sleep on Cuddledown bedding while staying at fine hotels and resorts.

Image of Jeri inspecting comforter

Jeri thoroughly inspects a synthetic-filled comforter before it is approved and packaged.

You may be able to find us in more places these days, but our commitment to quality manufacturing is the same now as it was in 1973. We make a broad selection of down comforters and synthetic comforters, in a variety of warmth levels and sizes, as well as over thirty styles of pillows and a variety of featherbeds. We continuously search the world for the finest materials to use in our down bedding. And each piece is made by hand in the same factory, located with our corporate offices in Maine. Just like all of our products, our down bedding is backed by The Cuddledown Guarantee for your absolute satisfaction.

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We work hard to maintain relationships with the finest textile mills and down suppliers from around the world. We visit our suppliers' establishments throughout the year to ensure that quality is up to Cuddledown's high standards. We also use independent laboratories to test our down, making sure that the fill power is at least the quality that we say it is, if not higher.

Image of Patrick filling a down pillow

Patrick fills a down pillow using a machine that precisely measures the amount of down as it flows into the product.

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The fabric we use in our manufacturing process is also scrutinized for optimal quality. Since we fill each pillow, comforter, or featherbed by hand, our expert stitchers inspect every inch of our fabrics for defects. All of our synthetic and down bedding is made with downpoof fabric, guaranteed not to leak any down, feathers, or our plush synthetic fill. And all of the downproof fabric we use is Certified Eco-friendly by Oeko-Tex®. This means that it has been rigorously tested to be free of all chemicals harmful to you and your family.

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Image of our hand stitching process

Our skilled stitchers sew each comforter, pillow, and featherbed by hand.

All of our manufactured synthetic and down bedding is handcrafted for quality and comfort that lasts. Each comforter has box-stitch construction so that the filling is always evenly distributed and there are never any cold spots. Featherbeds are made with baffle box construction so the plush synthetic or supporting feathery down fill is allowed to fluff up to create a cozy nest for you. All synthetic and down bedding is double-stitched to prevent any fill from leaking and every aspect of our bedding is backed by our Cuddledown Guarantee.


Since 1973, Cuddledown has continued to develop and innovate the finest bedding made in the USA. Our wide selection of natural and synthetic bedding constantly grows to offer you the best in sleep comfort available. Every year we go back to the drawing board and find ways to improve and grow our bedding collection. We encourage you to continually come back to our website to find the latest in sleep innovation and ways to make your life a little more comfortable.

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